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Electronic Magazine - A bi-monthly digital/electronic magazine published in both english and spanish on the 1st of every month, distributed to subscribers via email every 1st of the month. 

Website - Updated and published  on the 1st of every month ,distributed to subscribers via email.

Pinterest - Public presence of official Giselle Trujillo digital magazine, fashion, culture and lifestyles pins with public following.

Fashiolista - Public presence of official Giselle Trujillo digital magazine, fashion related pins with public following.

Videos on Youtube - The Giselle Trujillo Youtube channel is where The Giselle Trujillo Show (interviews) is distributed with public access.

Blog - This is the only official personal outlet about Giselle Trujillo.

Social Network - Giselle Trujillo has her own social network, It’s the only official Giselle Trujillo social network, by approval only, available via website only.

Newsletter - Your logo is placed in all the newsletters, the partners/sponsors area that go out to our subscribers.

Classifieds - Promote jobs within your company, projects, and new products.