Style has no price tag: Those who have it make the low look high and the high look cool.

We believe a well dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin with DNA.

We believe it's not your personal style if it belongs to your stylist.

We believe in fashion and all its glorious paradoxes: smart and superficial; exclusive and inclusive; fun and serious; art and commerce.

We believe clothing without accessories is like a party with no cake.

We believe in beauty, as both a science and an art.

We believe age-appropriate fashion isn't appropriate at any age.

We believe in the fantasy of a glamorous life - and the reality of simply getting through the day.

We believe in those who take issues more seriously than themselves.

We believe in cute, smart guys who make us laugh.

We believe neurotic behavior should be embraced and explored.

We believe a fashion magazine should be more than a socialite scrapbook or celebrity shopping ledger.

We believe cool is elusive and yet never to be chased.

We believe in celebrating your sex appeal without letting it consume you.

We believe the right pair of shoes can change your life - or at least make your day.

We believe getting dressed should be an adventure, not a chore.

We believe in the old guard, the new guard, and the avant-garde.

We believe in ELLE.



The Giselle Trujillo brand is about quality, not quantity.  Giselle Trujillo’s contribution to our planet and environment is to minimize the waste of materials by going digital.  Both the Giselle Trujillo E-Magazine and are revolutionary publications, no gossip, no bullying and no negativity, in english and spanish.  Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture topics with The Giselle Trujillo Show (interviews).  An informative and positive publication with integrity, who maintains a respectful reputation and only collaborates with established and quality brands.

WEBSITE is a digital publication offering minimal advertisement and in-house information, it is updated on the 1st of every month, has a shop of bespoke goods by Giselle Trujillo, it’s the outlet for all event galleries, the Giselle Trujillo Show, E-magazine, Blog, archives and more, the website is the hub to all related publications, projects and medias.


Electronic magazine is published on the 1st of every two months, distributed via Issuu, it is free to anyone who wants to read it with no age restrictions, distributed digitally to qualified subscribers database via email, heavy on advertisement and editorials.

The Giselle Trujillo brand is handled and protected under the parent company, GT1 International, Ltd. in the state of New York.